When I began the transition into being a software developer, I knew that contributing to open source projects would greatly assist my job search.

So, I jumped onto GitHub looking for issues that I could take on. Little did I know that this would be a miserable endeavor.

The Realisation

At the…

I recently built an app utilising data from the WHO (World Health Organisation), the WikiQuotes API, Recharts, lots of CSS and JS, and, of course, passion for the subject. This will show you how to do it minutely.

Before beginning a project there is one thing you must know, and that is what exactly you are passionate about. I’ll leave that fundamental conundrum to you. Personally, I love to dwell on life on Earth and the folks on it with all the disparate forces within their lives. …

This article is not targeting the absolute beginner. It is specifically for JS Developers or the like looking for a fun introduction to the incredibly popular programming language Python. Many concepts explained: multiple inheritance, list comprehensions, the basics, and peculiarities of the language. All code can instantly be copied/pasted into a repl, and there is a repl near the end of the article to look directly at.

In a universe of 90328443435329598 alien beings. Two new beings came from the void…

Hello human. Your name is Marcel or so I hear. And you are one of 7530305890 human beings.

I am a python and my name is Guido, one of 3 python beings.

Now, there are: 90328443435329600 alien beings.

Now, some code, that compiles to exactly what was written above:

A fun introduction to Go for Javascript Developers or people of a similar vein, as in predominantly dynamically typed language experience. There are many links within, as they were links that were integral in my understanding the language.

You’re curious. You’ve heard of this mystical language that is steadily climbing the rankings of the Software Industry. You know the elusive dragon of Google created it. Perhaps you heard that the creator of Node JS writes in it. But more then anything, you’ve noticed the gopher.

There is one…

Jerry J. Muzsik

Cook turned programmer based in NYC

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